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Bridgets Crosses


St. Bridget is well renown in Ireland, a female patron Saint and Ancient Goddess of Abundance and Fertility. Her feast day is the 1st February and marks the start of Spring and Imbolc in the Celtic Calendar. Ireland, now has a Bank holiday bestode in her honour. They were tradtionally made using field rushes but these disapate quickly over the year, so made in willow they last for much longer.

Her crosses are said to be made and placed above the front door in time for the feast day, within the thatch of the roof blessing the household, farm and family, ensuring a great harvest and coming season. Some believe that burning the old cross and replacing with a new one is part of the ritual, personally i just add another to the collection, but always put a fresh one into the polytunnel, i’m a hit and miss gardener and need all the help i can get each season.

picture shows all the various crosses made in the past that are now found in the Irish Museum, let me know if you need one of these, as an order will be generally the usual 4 legged version. I’ll combine postage if more than one is required.